Dr. Bibi Khan

  • Lecturer II

  • Department of Biology
  • Turkeyen Campus

About Dr. Bibi Khan

Plant Cellular Biology

Study in depth the subcellualr organellas in a cell

Plant Molecular Biology

Study the subcellular organellas in a cell using specific molecular biology techniques


Use specific genetic engineering techniques to allow plants to adapt and be more productive in adverse conditions

Qualification Specialization Institution Country Year
B.Sc. Biology University of Guyana Guyana 2001
M.Sc. University of Arkansas 2006
Ph.D. Biology University of Missouri 2010
Course Code Course Name
BIO6902 Biometrical Work Sheets
BIO4203 Biotechnology & Molecular Biology
BIO3222 Microbial Genetics
BIO4112 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
BIO4110 Plant Pathology
BIO3103 Plant Physiology
BIO3112 Plant Physiology
BIO6901 Research Papers
BIO4100 Research Project
BIO6900 Research Proposal.
BIO6903 Seminars
BIO7000 Thesis
Title Year Completed Research Type Status
Date Seminar / Conference Location Title
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