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The University of Guyana is the premier Higher Learning Institution in Guyana and a provider of expertise knowledge and research. The Faculty Expert Guide lists all academic, technical and professional personnel who can be contacted to provide consultancy, research services and offer expert knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

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About Faculty Expert Guide

Faculty Expert Guide (FEG) is a central resource that the University of Guyana uses to help the general public, media houses, and others to easily search a database, find and connect to experts in various fields. Collectively, our faculty represent expertise with practical business and technical experience, also cultural diversity of enormous range.

If you are seeking an expert in any subject area, we invite you to search our database by name, expertise, or department, or use the keyword search function to locate a faculty member with the particular expertise you may be seeking. Search can be done by, Name, Expertise, Department or Keyword

Our Experts

Expert Profile

Prof Abdullah Ansari

Department of Biology
Turkeyen Campus

Solid Waste Management

Ecological Restoration, Rehabilitation, Recuperation and Phytoremediation of Degraded landscapes

Entomology, Pest Management, Insect Diversity and Taxonomy

Expert Profile

Mrs. Afesha Leacock-Marshall

Lecturer I
School of Nursing
Turkeyen Campus

Nursing Education

Nursing Practice

Mental Health

Expert Profile

Mr. Akhilanand Raghunandan

School of Medicine
Turkeyen Campus