Mr. Akhilanand Raghunandan

  • Instructor

  • School of Medicine
  • Turkeyen Campus

About Mr. Akhilanand Raghunandan



Qualification Specialization Institution Country Year
Bachelor of Health Technology Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara Cuba 2009
M.P.H. University of Guyana Guyana 2023
Course Code Course Name
BMR3108 Adult Gerontology & Rehabilitation
BMR3206 Advanced Therapeutic Exercise
BMR2207 Assistive & Alternative Devices (Adaptation, Technology, Orthotics & Prosthesis
BMR3208 Child Physical Health and Rehabilitation
BMP3900 Clinical Attachment III
BMR2105 Clinical Neurosciences and Neurological Conditions
BMR3209 Communication, Interpersonal with Cultural Awareness
BMR4202 Community Practice and Professional Administration
BMR3109 Group Dynamics: Community Development & Program
BMR1206 Introduction to Patient Care & Basic PT-OT Principles with Documentation
BMR1204 Kinesiology & Biomechanics (Human Motion in Activity)
BMR2206 Pharmacology for Rehabilitation
BMR2203 Physiology of Exercise & Basic Therapeutic Exercise
BMP4206 PT Intervention 6: Neurologic Condition
BMP4108 PT Intervention 2: Medical & Surgical Treatment & Practices (Orthopedic & Traumatic)
BMP4202 PT Intervention 4: In Community Health (Adult & Child)
BMP4204 PT Intervention 5: Medical Rehabilitiation
BMR1104 System Anatomy & Physiology with Embryology
BMR1103 Theoretical Foundation for PT-OT Profession (History, Practice & Ethics)
Title Year Completed Research Type Status
Date Seminar / Conference Location Title
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