Prof Abdullah Ansari

  • Professor

  • Department of Biology
  • Turkeyen Campus

About Prof Abdullah Ansari

Dr. Abdullah Adil Ansari is currently serving as Professor (Dept. of Biology) at University of Guyana. He also served as HOD Biology from 2012 for period for one year and subsequently took over as Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences (2013-15). He teaches several courses in Biology at the University and is responsible for supervision of research at undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.D. levels. He has several publications in Journals, book chapters and a book. His research has been focusing on vermitechnology, soil biology and ecology, land reclamation, organic farming, organic solid waste management, earthworm taxonomy, soil microbiology and environmental pollution.

Solid Waste Management

1. Organic solid waste management through Vermitechnology 2. Vermitechnology 3. Composting techniques

Ecological Restoration, Rehabilitation, Recuperation and Phytoremediation of Degraded landscapes

1. Reclamation of problematic soils 2. Soil fertility management 3. Soil biology, land reclamation and ecology

Entomology, Pest Management, Insect Diversity and Taxonomy

1. Taxonomy of earthworms

Qualification Specialization Institution Country Year
B.Sc. Zoology University of Madras India 1993
M.Sc. Life Science Education Utkal University India 1995
Ph.D. Life Sciences - Zoology University of Madras India 2003
Course Code Course Name
BIO3220 Animal Physiology
BIO3201 Animal Physiology
BIO2107 Biology of Microorganisms
BIO6902 Biometrical Work Sheets
BIO4200 Capstone Research Project
BIO4213 Genomics and Bioinformatics
BDS6001 Independent Study
BIO4205 Internship
BDS6005 MPhil Thesis
BIO3219 Parasitology
BIO3204 Parasitology
BDS6006 PhD Thesis
BDS6002 Research Methods
BIO6901 Research Papers
BIO4100 Research Project
BDS6003 Research Proposal
BIO6900 Research Proposal.
BDS6004 Research Seminars
BIO6903 Seminars
BIO3101 Taxonomy & Systematics
BIO3111 Taxonomy and Systematics
BIO7000 Thesis
Title Year Completed Research Type Status
Date Seminar / Conference Location Title
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