Mrs. Afesha Leacock-Marshall

  • Lecturer I

  • School of Nursing
  • Turkeyen Campus

About Mrs. Afesha Leacock-Marshall

I began my nursing career at the Charles Roza School of Nursing, Linden, Guyana in 2001. After pursing three years of studies on the Professional Nursing Programme, I graduated and became registered as an RN through the General Nursing Council, Guyana. I subsequently served five years as a RN and later nurse-in-charge at the Linden Hospital Complex (2005-2010) and obtained experience in emergency, medical, surgical, gynaecological and pediatric nursing.

In 2007, I pursued my Undergraduate Nursing Degree at the University of Guyana with a major in Health Service Management. After graduating with my BSc. in Nursing in 2009 (distinction), I went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Nursing (Education) at the Saint Joseph College, Connecticut, U.S.A in 2010 from which I graduated in 2012.

In 2013, I pursued a Graduate course in Intergating Curriculum and Technology in the Inclusive Clasroom at the Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. In September of the same year I enrolled in the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education Programme at the University of Guyana where I pursued Education Administration. I graduated in 2015 from this programme (distinction).

During my tenure at the University of Guyana (2009 to present) I have facilitated a number of courses in the Department of Public Health including; Mental Health & Rehabilitation, Community Health Nursing, Primary Health Care, Transcultural Health Issues, Perspectives in Public Health, Legal & Ethical Issues, Health Education/Promotion, Pathophysiology and Primary Health Issues, in addition to supervising student research and practicum. I also served in the capacity of Coordinator of the BSc. Nursing Programme from 2012-2014 and from 2016 to present.

I conducted research in Occupational Health and Safety/Disaster Preparedness, Nursing Education and Mental Health.

Additionally, I supervised studies in Mental Health, Pediatrics, Oncology, Infection Control, Geriatrics, Chronic Disease & Tuberculosis. 

I have served as a member of the General Nursing Council, Guyana (2012-2015, 2016-2017).

My recent pursuit is a Doctoral Degree in Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing with a focus in suicide prevention, at the Ribeirao Preto College of Nursing, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which I embarked on in September 2018.


Nursing Education

1. Nursing Education-Planning, organizing and implementing the nursing curriculum, facilitating nursing courses, registered nurses examination review, policy planning and evaluation for nursing education. 2. Nursing Research- the conduction and supervision of nursing research.

Nursing Practice

Nursing Practice: patient care (quality), nursing diagnosis (using pathophysiological manifestations to facilitate diagnosis), emergency nursing, medical-surgical nursing. Clinical Nursing Practice- planning and organizing for capacity building in Nursing practice. Assessing, planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating patient care activities to ensure quality care and promote patient satisfaction.

Mental Health

Mental Health & well-being-, factors that influence mental health and predispose individuals to deviations from normal mental health (mental illness). Suicide prevention (identification of persons at risk for suicide, developing strategies to prevent suicide). Stress management ( at work, home, school). Depression (diagnosis, treatment and prevention)

Qualification Specialization Institution Country Year
Certificate Nursing Charles Roza School of Nursing Guyana 2004
B.Sc. Nursing University of Guyana Guyana 2009
Post-Grad. Dip. Ed. Administration University of Guyana Guyana 2015
M.Sc. Nursing St. Joseph College 2012
Course Code Course Name
HSC1202 Health Education & Promotion
NUR4201 Nursing Practicum
NUR3101 Nursing Professionalism
NUR3202 Pathophysiology
NUR4102 Primary Health Issues
NUR4100 Research Project (Proposal) Year Long Course
NUR4104 Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education
Title Year Completed Research Type Status
Perception of Hypertensive Patients of their disease and management at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Medical Clinic 2010 Individual Completed
Title: An Assessment of the Relationship between Unemployment & Depression among Lindeners. 2010 Individual Work in progress
Date Seminar / Conference Location Title
TItle Details
Perception of Hypertensive Patients of their disease and management at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Medical Clinic Book Title: Perception of Hypertensive Patients of their disease and management at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Medical Clinic
Publication Type: Publication
Publication Item: Paper
Publication Status: Work Completed but not Submitted /Accepted for Publication