Dr. Pauline Bullen

  • Director, Institute of Gender Studies

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About Dr. Pauline Bullen


Director, Institute of Gender Studies, University of Guyana

Areas of Specialization: Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (PhD)

Women and Gender Studies, Black Studies, Guidance Counselling and Secondary Education, Inclusive Curriculum, Equity and Human Rights; Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Class, Ability, Religion, Sexual Orientation (LGBTQI), Intersectionality, Work Stratification, Cultural Studies.

Outside area: African and Caribbean Literature.

Bio - Pauline E. Bullen, Ph.D

Dr. Pauline E. Bullen is an Interdisciplinary, International, Feminist scholar and “Educulturalist” with a PhD in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada. She has an M.Ed. in Integrated Education, from Brock University where she received the Jack Noble Award for the highest grade point average in the M.Ed program, a B.Ed. in Secondary Teaching and Guidance Counselling from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada,, along with a certificate to Teach English as a Second Language and a BA in Sociology and African Literature from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Bullen comes to the University of Guyana after 20 years as a Social Science Teacher, Assistant Head of a Guidance Counselling Department and Equity and Human Rights Instructional Leader with the Toronto Board of Education. She taught for 7 years with the City University of New York (Brooklyn College) where she was an active Affiliate Faculty member of the Women’s Program. Prior to returning to Guyana as Director for the Institute of Gender Studies at the University of Guyana, Dr. Bullen spent 3 years in the Department of Women and Gender Development Studies at the Women’s University in Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe where she was responsible for writing syllabi, teaching undergraduate students, supervising students' Exit Projects and mentoring colleagues in PhD porograms.  

At the University of Guyana she has written syllabi for new course offerings for the Gender Studies Institute, which are:

University of Guyana - 2018

  1. Gender & Sexuality IGS4201
  2. Gender & Development WST4100 (revised)

Written and Submitted for approval August 2019

  1. Men and Masculinities          
  2. Gender, Media and Culture
  3. Advanced Studies in Gender and Development
  4. People as Agents of Change
  5. Women, Work and Society

Dr. Bullen has conducted multiple workshops on and off campus that examined the lives of Indigenous women and children; gender based violence, rape and incest. Some workshops/lectures planned and presented were:

2019: September - December:  Taught 2 four credit courses (4 credits) on "Gender and Development" at Turkeyen (a class of 125 students) and Tain (a class of 14 students).  

2019: (November): Spearheaded and edited the publication of a magazine with writings by Guyanese men of diverse ethnic backgrounds and ages on what it means to have grown up in a "rape" culture.  The magazine, "ISSUES GUYANA:  Come Hear Dis" was launched in the community and circulated within the 10 regions in November 2019 after securing funding from the Women and Gender Equality Commission. It is also available to the global community at:  http://portal.caribbeansexualities.org/issuesgyvol1

2019: (October, November, December): Planned, supervised and facilitated a research plan on teen views on ses, sexuality and teen pregnancy, that involved focus group sessions with secondary school students at Brickdam SS, Bartica SS and Mabaruma.

2019:  Collaborated as Researcher with Professor J. Rosales on a project on Biodiversity and climate change and the roles and challenges for female farmers in the Rupununi.  Upon completion of research project organized a panel presentation with lecturers and NGOs that was open to UG Gender and Development students and interested others in the community. 

2019: Presenter - An Anti-colonial, Decolonizing Black Feminist Perspective of bell hooks’, “Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom”. CoEtal conference, University of Guyana. October 3rd.

2018 - 2019: Supervised and edited Exit projects of 2 Sociology 4101 students on topics of 1) Classroom designs and children's behaviors 2) Childhood Diabetes.  

2018: Organizer/Facilitator - Workshops and performances  led by Canadian activist/singer/songwriter Faith Nolan. (Sept. 24th – Oct.7) for women in prison (New Amsterdam) youth in the Sophia Detention Ctr. and on the disappeared and murdered women of Canada. 

2018:  Presenter, “Reinvigorating Women, Gender and Feminist Studies, University of Guyana” for panel on An Inter-Guyana’s Feminism. UWI Barbados, November 2018.

2018:  Invited Speaker. “Summary of the UNICEF 2017 Report on social and factors negatively impacting Indigenous Women and Children in Guyana" at the 12th National Conference of Toshaos, Arthur Chung Conference Ctr., Guyana. July. See:  https://www.stabroeknews.com/2018/news/guyana/07/19/culture-of-silence-ondomestic-sexual-violence-in-indigenous-villages-must-be-broken/

2018:   Invited Presenter. “Role of the arts in raising awareness about gender-based viiolence in the Anglophone Caribbean”. April 23rd. A collaborative project with University of Leicester, UK.

2018:   Invited Presenter. “Women, Respectability, Crime and Incarceration”. University of Guyana, Education and Humanities 1 day Workshop on Crime and Justice in Guyana. April 16th.

2018:   Organizer and Presenter. “Not on our campus. Not in our communities". Two workshops on sexual Violence for staff and students at the University of Guyana - Turkeyen and Tain campuses. March 21st and March 23rd. Workshop made possible by a grant from the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

2018:    Coordinator/Host. “Gendered Violence”. Talk by Guest Lecturer, Dr. Alisa Trotz, Women and Gender Studies and Caribbean Studies, New College, University of Toronto, Canada at University of Guyana, for Gender and Sexuality course students and community members. February 21st..

2017 - 2018:  Collaborated with professors from UWI, St. Augustine, Anton de Kom, Suriname, York U., Toronto, Canada and U.of Toronto, Canada to write syllabus for a blended course on Gender and Sexuality that was advertised and taught January - May 2018. 

2017:   Organizer and Presenter. “How Gender is conceptualized and actualized in Indigenous Guyanese Communities” (panel discussion) September 28th, University of Guyana, Turkeyen campus.

Three of her past publications are:

1) “Intersectionality and the Academy: Our 21st Century reality!” In D.J. Davis, R. J. Brunn, & J.L. Olive (Eds.), Intersectionality in Educational Research, 2015. (pp. 230- 251). Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing, LLC

2) “Mother Love, My Mother:  Excerpts from a Feminist Diary”. Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement. Mothers and History. 2014, Spring/Summer. Vol. 5 No.1.

3) “Black Woman – Educulturalist Feminist” In V. Lea & J. Sims, (eds.) Undoing Whiteness: Critical educultural teaching approaches for social justice activism. 2008. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Inc. (pp. 223-236).

In summary, Dr. Bullen's writings examine positionalities on sexism, heterosexism, racism (including anti-Black racism), classism, ableism and additional forms of oppression. She seeks a greater understanding of the ongoing construction and maintenance of hegemonic cultures and the ways these are operationalized through institutional arrangements, everyday discourses and normative interactions. It is an approach that engages knowledge and theory (feminist, critical race, critical social theory, anti-colonialism, post-modernism, anti-racism, social justice) as a resource for facilitating civic action and social change.


Sociology and Equity Studies in Education; Inclusive Education. Human Rights; Social Justice; Focus on Racism, Sexism, Classism, Heteronormativity, Ableism, Religious fundamentalism, Ageism; Systems of stratification, discrimination and anti-Black hatred

Women, Gender and Development - Feminisms

Feminisms (Black, African, Caribbean) Women, Gender and Development Studies; Gender & Sexualities, Women as Agents of Change; Colonialism, , Masculinities and Hegemony, Violence (incl. Gender based and Intimate partner violence, rape, incest)

Cultural Studies - Art as a Tool against oppression

Examines issues of Race, class, sex, gender and development through research and publications. Sees Art as a tool to challenge discrimination and genocide. Storytelling, Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Performance Art etc.

Qualification Specialization Institution Country Year
B.A. University of Toronto Canada 1979
B.Ed. University of Windsor Canada 1984
M.Ed. Brock University Canada 2000
Ph.D. University of Toronto Canada 2017
Course Code Course Name
WST4100 Gender and Development
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