Ms. Alicia Layne

  • Instructor

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Turkeyen Campus

About Ms. Alicia Layne

I am an Instructor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.  I joined the department after completing a BSc in Computer Science. As a Computer Science major, I maintained a GPA of 3.9/4.0 and was awarded second best graduate 2017/2018 and the University of Guyana Certificate of Excellence Award 2014/2015.

I teach software engineering and software development and supervise and coordinate final year undergraduate research projects. In addition to my core teaching and administrative duties, I am involved in several research, development and leadership projects related to health informatics, mobile learning, computing in schools, and gender and ICTs.

My primary research focuses on the development and use of health information systems in Caribbean contexts. I conducted a design science research study to create a testing prototype that evaluated the usefulness of the integrated Electronic Medical Record-Personal Health Record technology for diabetics in Guyana. This research has been presented at a number of conferences including the McNair Scholars Research Conference at Florida International University, the University of Guyana’s undergraduate annual research conference and most recently the Caribbean Academy of Sciences Conference.

Information Systems

The design, implementation and evaluation of Information Systems with a focus on Integrated Health Systems in Caribbean contexts.

Educational Technology

Mobile Learning in Education and Computer Science and Information Technology Education.

Gender and ICTs

Examining and addressing the perceptions held by female students towardsprogramming through studied teaching models.

Qualification Specialization Institution Country Year
Diploma Computer Science University of Guyana Guyana 2015
Course Code Course Name
CSE2200 Contemporary Programming Paradigms
CSE1101 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
CSE1202 Mathematics and Statistics for Computer Science
CSE2101 Software Engineering I
CSE4100 Undergraduate Computer Science Research Project (Proposal)
CSE4200 Undergraduate Computer Science Research Project (Thesis)
ISY4100 Undergraduate Information Systems Research Project (Proposal)
ISY4200 Undergraduate Information Systems Research Project (Thesis)
Title Year Completed Research Type Status
Date Seminar / Conference Location Title
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